Tesla – Arwen vom Emsland


Born: 27/06/2017
Breeder: Tamaskan Vom Emsland, Lähden, Germany
Registration: HWCC #0006-17
Pedigree name: Arwen vom Emsland
Call name: Tesla
Breed: Northern Inuit x Tamaskan


DM: N/N (Tested clear by Laboklin Germany and Embarkvet USA), Both parents are tested clear as well.
COI: 0%, genetical COI ( tested by Embark 3%)
DNA: Tesla is DNA profiled by Laboklin Germany
OSD3: Tested Clear  by Animal Health Trust UK
Embark: Tested Clear of 165 tested conditions.
HD: -not tested-
ED: -not tested-
Eyes:  Tested Clear
Goinoscopy: Tested Clear,  0% angle.


Tesla is a bold girl that is sometimes a bit too fearless for her own good.  She don’t mind big crowds, noises and strange people. We have taken her to both fairs, a beer festival and various country shows without a problem.

Physical appearance

Coat colour: Dark Timber/ Black Sable
Eye colour: Brown/Amber (Bi eyed)
Mask: Full
Size: Medium (for the type)

Weight: 29 kg at 18 months

Colour Genetics from Embark : (See link for Teslas Embark page)
E Locus (Mask/Grizzle/Red) EE
K Locus (Dominant Black) kyky
A Locus (Agouti)  awa
D Locus (Dilute) DD
B Locus (Brown/Chocolate/Liver) BB


Tesla have been tested by Embark Vet USA, and this is what she consist of.